It’s OK – Cee Lo Green

Yes, everyone and there mother has heard “Fuck You” or “Forget you” if you’re still in the dark ages of only listening to radio.  But who knew that Cee Lo’s Album The Lady Killer, had alot more to offer.  I’ll be honest, I can can dance to “Fuck You” just like the next man, but there are many other songs on the album that surpass the catchiness of that explicitly named song.  “It’s OK” has a very similar sound to the popular song that everyone knows (Trying not to be too profane tonight), but actually has better vocals in my opinion.  Anyway, I’d also like to point out that ROSS HAS MISSED HIS LAST 2 POSTS, which makes him extremely lame, hopefully he actually checks the blog and sees this… Anyway, rate subscribe and share.


P.S. He may look like a Ninja Turtle, but I love the Ninja Turtles


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The Lone Scientists are two college students from the great city of Minneapolis, Ross Rollin and Chris Madsen, who realized their passion for music and wanted to share it with others who enjoy discovering new music, listening to the classics, and those who just love music in general. We designed this blog to give an insight to our musical tastes. We will feature tracks, artists, and albums of all genres. The Lone Scientists welcome and encourage music requests, comments and feedback to make this blog as interactive as possible. Enjoy! View all posts by Lone Scientists

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