Brandon Dramatic – July 6, 2011

What’s up everybody? The votes are in and we have selected the one and only, Brandon Dramatic to be our next artist of the week.  We’ve been waiting for the right time to finally give this guy the honors of being an artist of the week, and what better time to do it since he just released a brand new mixtape, “Domino Jones,” on July 5th?  I, Ross, have been listening to this dude ever since I randomly found him on Myspace back in my early high school days.  Since that time, Brandon Dramatic has released numerous singles and now three excellent mixtapes. The great thing about Brandon Dramatic is that he keeps true to himself and his style that he’s perfected over the years. He’s not out there rapping about the drugs and the money.  He raps about the occasional party, but he keeps it real like saying how he’s flirting with a girl while playing Sega Genesis in his track “Peach Fuzz.” His beats stand out with their jazzy melodies and funky drums, while he effortlessly spits out witty rhymes.  We could write on and on about Brandon Dramatic, but we’ll get to the part that you’re really interested in – his music.  The Lone Scientists present Brandon Dramatic as our Artist of the Week.

Check out all his mixtapes and his blog at

-Lone Scientists

We’ll start off with a classic, “Peach Fuzz,” off his first mixtape “What You Don’t Know…”

 “Peach Fuzz” by Brandon Dramatic

Brand new song off Dramatic’s mixtape “Domino Jones.” It’s called “Mr. FeelGood” and it’s jammin.

“Mr. FeelGood” by Brandon Dramatic

Take it slow with another track off “Domino Jones” called “That Girl- I Always Like You.”

“That Girl- I Always Liked You” by Brandon Dramatic

Here’s just a simple track about a girl with a blog from Brandon Dramatic. Hence the name “She Got A Blog.”

“She Got A Blog” by Brandon Dramatic

Dramatic goes hard on this track “Momma LeBron.”

“Momma LeBron” by Brandon Dramatic


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