Brother Ali – September 12, 2001

Here at Lone Scientists, we love our local music. We’re always trying hard to bring you the best of the Minneapolis (and sometimes Madison) music scene. Well this week’s artist of the week really needs no introduction, he’s one of the most popular and recognizable faces of the Minnesota hip hop scene, Brother Ali. One of the many talented rappers on the independent label Rhymesayers Entertainment, Brother Ali has released six studio albums to date. We hope you enjoy hearing one of our favorite artists all week long, enjoy!


Our first track is a pretty deep cut, we’re going with “Forest Whittaker.” Make sure to check in all week long for some great music.

“Forest Whittaker” by Brother Ali

One of the happiest and most feel-good songs by Brother Ali. Take a listen to “Fresh Air.”

“Fresh Air” by Brother Ali

Sick song off of Brother Ali’s album “The Undisputed Truth.” Check out “Truth Is.”

“Truth Is” by Brother Ali

Check out this chill track “Take Me Home.”

“Take Me Home” by Brother Ali


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