Grieves- May 9, 2011

We’re gonna stick with more hip-hop with our next Artist of the Week, Grieves.  Grieves is part also signed to the Minneapolis record label, Rhymesayers.  Originally from Chicago and now residing in Seattle, Grieves grew up with a lot of musical influences.  These included anything from jazz and blues to rock, but eventually he focused on his hip-hop and rapping talents.  Over the past few years, Grieves has been making music with producer and friend, Budo, who is a really talented musician.  That’s where you hear all the pianos, guitars and trumpets in the beats.  Grieves’ sound and story-telling rapping style is similar to Atmosphere, so if you’re a fan of Atmosphere, you’ll probably dig Grieves’ music.  We here, the Lone Scientists are really excited to see this guy perform live at the hip-hop music festival, Soundset at the end of May.  Hope you all enjoy listening to Grieves this week.

-Lone Scientists

Starting the week off with Grieves’ newly released single, “Bloody Poetry.”

“Bloody Poetry” by Grieves

Take a listen to this very chill track, “Pack It Up.”

“Pack It Up” by Grieves

Take it slow today and listen to “Lightspeed” off Grieves’ upcoming album.

 “Lightspeed” by Grieves

Here’s another track off his upcoming album, “Together/Apart.” Check this song “On The Rocks.”

“On The Rocks” by Grieves

Got a track off his album “88 Keys and Counting,” called “Irreversible.”

“Irreversible” by Grieves

Last but not least, enjoy this upbeat track, “Smile for the Blade.”

“Smile for the Blade” by Grieves


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