Free Energy- January 18, 2011

Free Energy, the name seems to suggest it all. Harnessing the power of catchy guitar hooks, melodic vocals, and a hint of classic rock, Free Energy creates a distinct sound that stands alone in today’s indie rock music scene.
Free Energy features two former members of the band Hockey Night, which was formed in St Paul. Scott Wells and Paul Spranger left Minnesota and formed their current band in Philadelphia in 2007. The band released their first EP in 2009 and received many positive reviews. Their much anticipated full length album, Stuck on Nothing, was released in March of 2010 and got glowing reviews from critics and fans alike, including a shout out from Rolling Stone Magazine who named them as one of the best new bands of 2010.  Free Energy will be in Minneapolis at First Ave this weekend along with other local acts for 89.3 The Current’s 6th birthday.  More to come on that later.

-Lone Scientists

The first track of the week is “Bang Pop.”  Arguably their most popular track, “Bang Pop” is slow and simple, but very fun to sing along with (it’s only two words) and clap your hands to. Stay tuned for more tracks by Free Energy later this week!

 “Bang Pop” by Free Energy

This second song is called “Free Energy,” named after the band itself.  This track is driven by the bass groove and uses plenty of cowbell for you cowbell lovers.

 “Free Energy” by Free Energy

We got “All I Know” here as our third song of the week.

“All I Know” by Free Energy

Our fourth song is one of their most popular tracks off their recent album, take a listen to “Dream City.”

“Dream City” by Free Energy

The fifth track this week demonstrates the expanse of Free Energy’s musical minds and shows a darker side to the poppy band.

“Bad Stuff” by Free Energy

For our final song, we picked “I’m Going Down” which is a cover of Bruce Sprinsteen’s song and their latest single.

“I’m Going Down” by Free Energy


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