Minus The Bear- April 18, 2011

We’re excited for this artist of the week, Minus the Bear.  The Seattle-based band encompasses so many different genres into their music including rock, electro, pop, funk, jam-band, and more.  The group in general can be compared to such bands as Incubus, with their ability to blend all these genres together.  Minus the Bear formed in 2001 and so far has released four full-length albums, their latest being “OMNI.” Original keyboardist and synth artist, Matt Bayles, announced his resignation from the band in 2006, but Minus the Bear hired Alex Rose as their next keyboardist, and have still managed to keep their original electric-rock sound that they are known for.  According to the band’s website and guitarist David Knudson, “we always make sure that we want to hear the song as much as anybody else,” which is great to hear for true music fans everywhere.  Minus the Bear is playing a show in Minneapolis at the Varsity Theatre on May 20, so that should be exciting.  Be sure to check all the music from Minus the Bear this week.

-Lone Scientists

Kicking off the week with “Pachuca Sunrise,” from their album “Menos El Oso.”

“Pachuca Sunrise” by Minus The Bear

Today’s track is off of Minus the Bear’s 2010 release “Omni.” Take a listen to “My Time”

“My Time” by Minus the Bear

On a snowy (yes, snowy) Wednesday, check out the song “Hold Me Down.”

“Hold Me Down” by Minus the Bear

Today’s sunny weather definitely got me thinking of summer, only a few weeks away! Give a listen to “Summer Angel” to get you in a great mood.

“Summer Angel” by Minus the Bear

It’s Friday! Celebrate by listening to “Excuses”

“Excuses” by Minus the Bear

Check out “Secret Country,” a really fun jam song off “OMNI.”

“Secret Country” by Minus the Bear

Ending the week off right with one of Minus the Bear’s most recognizable songs, “Knights.” This music video is kinda trippy.

“Knights” by Minus the Bear


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