Ra Ra Riot -April 11th, 2011

This week’s artist of the week is Ra Ra Riot, an indie band out of Syracuse, New York. The band formed back in 2006, and has since released 2 full length albums. Their most recent release “The Orchard” was met with great reviews from critics and fans alike. With a sound that combines elements of guitar, keys and violin, Ra Ra Riot produces a relaxing and ambient sound. I would liken them to a bands like Vampire Weekend and Cloud Cult. Ra Ra Riot is currently on a US tour, making stops in Madison and Minneapolis, so check your calendars! And make sure to check in this week for some great tracks!

-Lone Scientists

The first track for this week is off of their 2nd album. Take a listen to and enjoy “Can You Tell?”

“Can You Tell” by Ra Ra Riot

Here’s an up-beat song to get your Tuesday going.  “Boy.”

“Boy” by Ra Ra Riot

Happy Wednesday! To celebrate, take a listen to “Dying Is Fine” which features a really great breakdown jam part about halfway through the track. Enjoy!

“Dying Is Fine” by Ra Ra Riot

“Do You Remember” is nice easy-going song from their album “The Orchard.”

“Do You Remember” by Ra Ra Riot

Celebrate Friday by listening to “Foolish” off of the album “The Orchard”

“Foolish” by Ra Ra Riot

Here’s “Too Dramatic” off Ra Ra Riot’s latest album, “The Orchard.”

“Too Dramatic” by Ra Ra Riot

It’s Sunday,  which means our last Ra Ra Riot track for the week, “Oh, La.” We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing their sound all week!

“Oh, La” by Ra Ra Ra Riot


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