Ratatat – January 24, 2011

This week’s featured artist, Ratatat, has a very special place in the hearts of the Lone Scientists. We are huge huge fans of this group. Ratatat features an amazing array of sounds, considering the band consists of only two dudes from Brooklyn, guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer driver and producer Evan Mast.What makes Ratatat so incredible is their mixing and blending of genres. Ratatat is rock and roll. Ratatat is hip hop. Ratatat is electronic. You simply can’t define their sound with a single word. Their sound features warm rhythms, atmospheric synth chords, and a classic heavy distorted guitar sound. Their songs have no words, but are just as likely to become stuck in your head.

To help relieve the pain of having to choose which Ratatat songs to feature this week, we’re sticking to their albums only. However, if you dig the hip hop aspect of this group, be sure to check out Ratatat Remixes Vol. I and II, which feature some awesome remixes done by these guys. Also, check out their work with Kid Cudi on “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Down and Out” which prominently features Ratatat’s classic sound. We hope you enjoy these dudes as much as we do, enjoy!

-Lone Scientists

The first track of the week is perhaps Ratatat’s most recognizable song, “Loud Pipes” off of their 2006 realease, Classics. Stay tuned for more great Ratatat jams throughout the week, and as always, enjoy!

“Loud Pipes” by Ratatat

The next track we have here is “Mirando,” which has a cool latin-sounding beat to it.  Perhaps that’s why they gave it a spanish-sounding name.  Anyways, give it a listen.

“Mirando” by Ratatat

Today’s track is one of the heaviest by Ratatat, featuring hard hitting distortion and bangin synth chords. Also, the man talking in the beginning adds a great touch.

“Seventeen Years” by Ratatat

Our song pick today is off of their most recent album LP4. The title to this song is a little amusing as it is called “Party With Children.” The sound is a little different from the traditional Ratatat we’re used to, but still catchy and recognizable as Ratatat. Take a listen…

“Party With Children” by Ratatat

For Friday’s song pick, we’re going with “Nostrand.” This starts of as a very laid back song that has a ghostly feeling and then at about 2 minutes in, the beat drops hard.

“Nostrand” by Ratatat

“Falcon Jab,” off their album LP3, is our next pick for the week. It demonstrates the classic Ratatat sound with a little bit of a dance feel to it.

“Falcon Jab” by Ratatat

For our last pick, we’re going with “Wildcat.” We just couldn’t forget this classic track. “Raaawwr!”

“Wildcat” by Ratatat


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