The Cool Kids – July 18, 2011

What a great month for music! Along with Incubus, The Cool Kids also released a long-awaited album last Tuesday called “When Fish Ride Bicycles.” Based out of Chicago, The Cool Kids consist of two MC’s: Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish.  Since their debut album “The Bake Sale” in 2008, the duo has produced two mixtapes and of course their brand new album. Best known for their old school beats and simple, clever rhymes, The Cool Kids are livin’ the dream – touring, performing at festivals, and being featured on commercials and video games. When listening to their music, you definitely get a sense of how much they like to represent their hometowns of Chicago and Detroit. They also enjoy rapping about other things like shoes, bikes and basketball. However, their lyrical content is not limited to just these topics. The Cool Kids are generally producing music to have fun and provide their fans with a quality listening experience. They have also collaborated with many big name artists like Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Travis Barker and others.  The Cool Kids not only stand out with their music, but with their fashion sense as well.  They always sport an enormous collection of assorted baseball caps, old school jerseys, and fancy shoes. Overall, The Cool Kids are the real deal and we hope you all enjoy them as we post their music all week long.

-Lone Scientists

We’ll start off with the popular track, “Mikey Rocks,” off their album “The Bake Sale.”

“Mikey Rocks” by The Cool Kids

“Summer Jam” off the new album, has been pretty popular on other music blogs around the internet, so we will post it as well.

“Summer Jam” by The Cool Kids

Take a listen to this great single released a few years ago called “Delivery Man.” Best line of the song is “Hands in the air even if your arms don’t work.”

“Delivery Man” by The Cool Kids

“Rush Hour Traffic” is the first track off The Cool Kids’ new album.  Be sure to turn the speakers up and bump this wherever you go!

“Rush Hour Traffic” by The Cool Kids


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