Theophilus London- February 7, 2011

So we really love these artists from Brooklyn, so we’re going to stick with it and select Theophilus London as our artist of the week. This guy makes music as unique as his name by using modern electric beats and sounds, but also keeping it old-school with 80s synths and effects. Over these futuristic beats, London rhymes long lines of words after words that make for a creative musical experience that lets the listener know what goes through his mind. After releasing his first mixtape “Jam!” in 2008, Theophilus London has toured the world, dropped his 2009 album, “This Charming Man,” released two more mixtapes including, “This Charming Mixtape” and “I Want You.” Theophilus is now preparing himself for the release of his new EP “Lovers Holiday” on February 8, 2011. Expect big things in the future from this truly musical artist as he expands the boundaries of hip-hop and music in general. The Lone Scientists cannot wait to show off London’s music this week.

If you want even more Theophilus London, check out his blog: This Charming Blog

-Lone Scientists

For the first track, we’re picking “Humdrum Town,” which was his biggest hit last year. This track is great if you’re looking to get into the mind of Theophilus London and see what his music is all about.

“Humdrum Town” by Theophilus London

Since it is the release day of Theophilus London’s brand new EP “Lovers Holiday,” we figured it would fitting to choose a track off the album. “Flying Overseas” is such a chill song, featuring Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles.

“Flying Overseas” by Theophilus London

Today’s track is “Blindfolded” off of London’s 2009 release “This Charming Mixtape.” This song sounds like what Kid Cudi would sound like if he were an artist in the 80’s.

“Blindfolded” by Theophilus London

Here’s more Theophilus: “Give It Up Dad” off his mixtape, “I Want You.” This track features parts from Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up The Gun.”

“Give It Up Dad” by Theophilus London

Next up we got “Light Years” off of London’s 3rd mixtape “I Want You,” one of his albums he offered for free online. Check it out!

“Light Years” by Theophilus London

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means…Dance Party! “Late Night Operation” is a bumpin’ party song off “This Charming Mixtape.”

“Late Night Operation (Proper Villains and Mike Dextro Remix)” by Theophilus London

Our last track for this week’s artist of the week is “Hey Wonderful,” whose beat seemingly comes straight from the 80’s. We hope you enjoyed a week full of Theophilus London!

“Hey Wonderful” by Theophilus London


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