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Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye and Kimbra

Hello everyone,

Today’s track is from the Belgian songwriter Gotye with his colleague from New Zealand, Kimbra.  “Somebody That I Used To Know” is a very chill track with excellent sound mixing on the part of Gotye.  There are many points in the song where he is harmonizing with himself, which sometimes make a grown man (me) shake with excitement.  This track is off of Gotye’s third album Making Mirrors, which was released on August 19th 2011, this song was released as a sample to the album on July 6th of the same year.  Kimbra’s voice is has a slight resemblance to Katy Perry’s when you listen to her own music, and you can hear it here as well, though this time it’s not in a gross pop setting, so it’s much more enjoyable for me and many others.  The soft melodies of the guitar and xylophone really set this song up, as it builds, and when it hits the chorus, the harmony presented is absolutely wonderful.  This song and especially the video are full of emotion that alot of people can relate with.  Anyway, if you haven’t heard this track yet, I guarantee you won’t be able to stop listening to it now.  As always, Listen, Rate, Subscribe.



The Times, They are a-Changin’ – Bob Dylan

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay between posts, I got really sick for about a week and have been busting my ass for the last 3 weeks just to get caught up with everything.  Anyway, I decided to go with a bit of a classic.  Bob Dylan is one of the most profound singer songwriters of all time, and he is in fact from the Minneapolis area, which I suppose will also classify this as a local music selection.  Anyway this song speaks for itself so just give it a listen and hopefully it touches you as much as it has touched many from every recent generation.  This song was released in 1964 as the title track for Bob Dylan’s Album The Times They are a-Changin’.  Written and recorded in the early 60’s, this track is a testament to how when people band together, change for the better can occur.  Civil Rights, social, political, and economic issues can all be overcome.  Hopefully we can band together in this day and age and offer up another era of change.  Also, I find it interesting that Bob Dylan’s studio apartment as a young adult is more than 6 blocks from my current residence.  I present to you, one of the most iconic tracks of the early 60’s an era of change.  Listen, rate, and subscribe.


Around Us – Jónsi

Hello everyone, I was up late and noticed it was past midnight, which means it’s a new day and a new post.  Today’s track is from one of my favorite post-rock artists Jónsi.  For those of you who don’t know Jónsi he is the guitarist and vocalist for the Icelandic group Sigur Rós.  His music is very progressive and has a spiritual feel.  Something that I learned from posting this, is that Jónsi uses a cello bow to play his guitar, which as you may expect gives it a much more orchestrated sound.  While Sigur Rós is on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ with some members having children, I was glad to see Jónsi solo career take off.  I have a hard time concentrating when I here his tracks.  Anyway, give it a listen, rate, and subscribe.


“Around Us” by Jónsi

A Little Bit of Everything – Dawes

We’re taking it sloooowwww today with a great acoustic track from Malibou, California based Dawes. These guys have gained some well-deserved attention over the past year with the release of their 2nd full length albun titled “When the Time Comes.” Today’s track (well, video actually) is off of their latest album, and features Dawes’ mellow/folk sound. Make sure to check out their entire catalog, and of course… Enjoy!


“A Little Bit of Everything” by Dawes

Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms – Frightened Rabbit

Hey all.  We haven’t really posted too much acoustic stuff lately, but that’s about too change…sorta. It’s not exactly acoustic, but I figured it was close enough. I picked out this song, “Good Arms vs. Bad Arms,” originally listening to the live acoustic version, but I decided to post the studio version because it sounds a little clearer.  The indie rock band from Scotland, Frightened Rabbit, show their folk influence on this song and created a really soulful song.  Hope you enjoy some Frightened Rabbit.


“Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms” by Frightened Rabbit

Calgary- Bon Iver

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the rustic sounds of Bon Iver before.  Well he’s coming out with a new self-titled album, set to be released in June.  The Wisconsin native is one of the classic indie artists in today’s music world.  His first album, “For Emma, Forever Ago” got me hooked on him and I was excited to hear his new single called “Calgary.”  This track features plenty of cool harmonies and a quite groove on the drums. Overall a sweet preview of what’s to come on his upcoming album.


“Calgary” by Bon Iver

The Farmer And The Nomad- Jayber Crow

I’m featuring local music today with “The Farmer and the Nomad” by the folk-rock duo, Jayber Crow.  Jayber Crow is made up of two musicians, Zach and Pete, utilizing their talents on the guitar and mandolin.  Through their music, they write songs about their experiences and love for the midwest.  This song and their other music is perfect for road-tripping or sitting around a bonfire.  Enjoy some Jayber Crow.


 “The Farmer and the Nomad” by Jayber Crow

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