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Headlights – Night Moves && SXSW Day Show Preview

Good news everyone,

Yesterday came an announcement that absolutely blew my mind.  The SXSW day show at First Ave this year is going to be featuring my favorite local band.  NIGHT MOVES !!!!  To make things better they are the 3rd act of 6, and they are on before Brother Ali, Doomtree, and Trampled by Turtles.  To make things even better, this is a 21+ show and it is free.  Here’s a slight recap of what I just told you.  Hopefully you can all make it (for those in the Minneapolis area) as this show is going to kick some major ass.  Here’s a recap of what I just told you:

Where:  First Ave and 7th Street Entry

When: 12pm (noon) Friday March 16th, 2012

FREE / 21+

Line-up:  Get Cryphy DJ’s  –  Prof  –  Night Moves  –  Brother Ali  –  Doomtree  –  Trampled by Turtles

Again, this show is going to be poppin’ with energy and pazzazz, and I will be throwing a full recap and review up a week from Saturday, so tune in then to hear how the show was.  Anyway, back to the track at hand.  “Headlights” is the first track off of Night Moves first studio album Colored Emotion.  It starts off with a phaser distorted guitar, similar to alot of their other songs.  The lyrics in this song particularly pop with the slower feel to the song.  Seriously, if you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you are about to miss the boat.  These guys really know how to write catchy music, and I find myself singing along to the entire album on regular occasion.  I feel like I’m babbling and if you haven’t stopped reading this post yet I thank you.  As always Listen, Rate, and Subscribe (with the Oxford comma).


“Headlights” by Night Moves


Kissing Families – Silversun Pickups

Hello again (3 for 3), today’s track is form the alternative rock group Silversun Pickups.  Although this song is very far from being a new track it holds a place very close to my heart.  The simple guitar chords and lyrics layered in front of this song make it simplistic bliss.  Nikki’s voice stretched over the drums and bass line make parts of this song almost seem ethereal.  The lyrics are particularly striking and as they mean different things to everyone, I won’t elaborate what they mean to me, you can discover what they mean to you by simply listening to this song.  These guys are awesome in concert and have a particular energy that not alot of bands these days have.  This particular song comes from their first ever release way back in 2005, an EP titled Pikul.  Give these guys a listen and post back with your thoughts.




“Kissing Families” – Silversun Pickups

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