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I.D.F.A.R. – Ben Kenney, Thomas Erak, Ashley Mendel

I found this song a few months ago and needed to share it with you guys. The song “I.D.F.A.R.” features musicians from two of my favorite bands with Ben Kenney  on drums (Incubus) and Thomas Erak on guitar (The Fall of Troy). Ashley Mendel (it’s a dude) also performs with this group on bass. This song has so many cool aspects, it’s hard to choose what I like best about it. I did a little background check on this group and found some interesting things. I had no idea the Ben Kenney was such a talented musician, as he plays guitar, bass, drums, and sings all really well. And I would never have thought that he would team up with Thomas Erak either. Take a listen to “I.D.F.A.R.” and have a good day.


“I.D.F.A.R.” by Ben Kenney, Thomas Erak, Ashley Mendel


Time – Pink Floyd

Hey everyone. I’m going oldies today with a song that I have been listening to nonstop lately. Pink Floyd’s “Time” is one of my favorites by them. I wouldn’t say I’m Pink Floyd’s number one fan or anything like that, but whenever I hear them, it’s tough not to disconnect from the world and just focus on their music. They did so much experimental things with music that was way ahead of their time so you have to give them big credit for that. I love David Gilmour’s solo and everything else about this song basically. Enjoy “Time” by Pink Floyd


“Time” by Pink Floyd

Stomp Through ft. Tigre Cole – Mally

Today I’m bringing you a brand new single, “Stomp Through,” from my favorite new Minneapolis artist, Mally. This guy loves to rep his hometown of Minneapolis and is bringing something new and different to our local hip-hop scene everyday. Mally has been doing work over the past year, coming out with music videos for his hit songs “Cloud Culture” and “Heir Time” and getting recognized in the Star Tribune’s article “First Ave’s Other Best New Bands.” The guy’s got big future plans too as he is touring with Atmosphere and other well recognized local hip-hop artists for the Welcome To Minnesota Tour.  I think that’s enough hype from me, so I’ll let you guys get to the music. Enjoy “Stomp Through!”


“Stomp Through ft. Tigre Cole” by Mally

Screen Test – The Envy Corps

I got a cool song I heard on the radio the other day for you guys.  The band, The Envy Corps, hail from our southern neighbor Iowa, and released this song “Screen Test,” off their 2009 EP “Kid Gloves.” The song’s got an upbeat electronic sound to it and had me hooked right from the start.  The Envy Corps have a lot of diversity in their songs. Some sound more quiet and acoustic, and then there are tracks like this with synths and other distorted sounds.  Have a great day and enjoy “Screen Test” by The Envy Corps!


 “Screen Test” by The Envy Corps

Outro – M83

If you guys love snowboarding like I do, you may have heard this song, “Outro,” on professional snowboarder Travis Rice’s new movie, “The Art of Flight.” Or if you’re a big M83 fan (which you all should be), you’ve probably already listened to their most recent album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming,” and heard this track. I’m not completely sure how to describe the feeling I get, but when I here this song I feel like I’m in space just staring out on the universe.  Have fun listening to this epic song by M83.


“Outro” by M83

Shout Out To… – Harr1s

Take a listen to this dope track by Toronto artist Harr1s (also know as H1 or P. Harris).  I love this track because of its classic hip-hop feel and I have to give producer Mister Mista props for this beat.  Harr1s also does mad work on “Shout Out To…” Toronto has a really sick underground hip-hop scene, and there are a lot of good up-and-coming rappers that should definitely be heard. I’ve already told you guys about Brandon Dramtic, but be sure to check out Double X, Jake Bluez, and more tracks by Harr1s.  Enjoy the track “Shout Out To…”


“Shout Out To…” by Harr1s

N.Y.E. – Dinosaur Bones

Hey all.  I got a sweet new band for you guys to listen to today. I went to the Ra Ra Riot show in Minneapolis the other day, and this band Dinosaur Bones from was the opening act.  The Toronto group put on quite the performance. I really liked their jam-band style when they performed.  This track, “N.Y.E.” off their album “My Divider” is my favorite that I have heard so far.  So go ahead, take a listen and tell us what you think.


“N.Y.E.” by Dinosaur Bones

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