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I.D.F.A.R. – Ben Kenney, Thomas Erak, Ashley Mendel

I found this song a few months ago and needed to share it with you guys. The song “I.D.F.A.R.” features musicians from two of my favorite bands with Ben Kenney ¬†on drums (Incubus) and Thomas Erak on guitar (The Fall of Troy). Ashley Mendel (it’s a dude) also performs with this group on bass. This song has so many cool aspects, it’s hard to choose what I like best about it. I did a little background check on this group and found some interesting things. I had no idea the Ben Kenney was such a talented musician, as he plays guitar, bass, drums, and sings all really well. And I would never have thought that he would team up with Thomas Erak either. Take a listen to “I.D.F.A.R.” and have a good day.


“I.D.F.A.R.” by Ben Kenney, Thomas Erak, Ashley Mendel


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