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Stuck in My Id – Reptar

Hello everyone, today’s track was introduced to me by my brother, and his advice once again is very correct.  “Stuck in My Id” by Reptar is a very catchy song and sounds sort of like the aspects of Foster the People that I enjoy.  It’s a very electronic, funky, dance song that really gets my feet tapping.  The group hails from the greater Athens-Atlanta-Asheville area and formed back in 2008 and is yet to release a studio album.  That being said this track was on their EP Oblangle Fizz Y’all which dropped in 2011.  Anyway give this funky, electronic, dance beat a chance and hopefully you liken them.  As always, listen rate and subscribe.  These guys will be in Minneapolis on the 3rd of April, and you can bet your ass that I’ll be there.


“Stuck in My Id” by Reptar


Around Us – Jónsi

Hello everyone, I was up late and noticed it was past midnight, which means it’s a new day and a new post.  Today’s track is from one of my favorite post-rock artists Jónsi.  For those of you who don’t know Jónsi he is the guitarist and vocalist for the Icelandic group Sigur Rós.  His music is very progressive and has a spiritual feel.  Something that I learned from posting this, is that Jónsi uses a cello bow to play his guitar, which as you may expect gives it a much more orchestrated sound.  While Sigur Rós is on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ with some members having children, I was glad to see Jónsi solo career take off.  I have a hard time concentrating when I here his tracks.  Anyway, give it a listen, rate, and subscribe.


“Around Us” by Jónsi

Written in the Stars – Tinie Tempah, feat. Eric Turner

Hello all, way back in may Ross brought you a remix of Wonderman, which is another good track by Tinie Tempah, but today I’m throwing this one at you as it may be his most well known track that you’ve probably never heard of.  Why haven’t you heard it yet you may ask.  Well, even though he’s pretty big in the UK (he’s from South London) he really hasn’t broken onto the scene in the states.  This song in particular brings many things to mind because it has recently become the theme for Sky Sport’s [Ford] Super Sunday for the Barclay’s Premier League and comes off of his 2011 album Disc-Overy.  This song is an excellent mix of the electronic bits you know I love, catchy lyrical work, and the bonus of a well-formulated rap (which serves as a nice bonus in this song).  Anyway, if you haven’t heard this song definitely give it a listen and let us know what you think.


“Written in the Stars” – by Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner

Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith) – Crystal Castles

Hello everyone,  This fine early morning (or mid-morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, or night, whatever time you’re currently at) I’d like to introduce you to probably my favorite song right now.  Again a great mix of electronic beats, but this time they are combined with the voice of Robert Smith from The Cure who also have some major playtime on my list right now.  When you combine the 8-bit sound of Crystal Castles with an outstanding lyrical artist that is Robert Smith.  This particular track is a parallel to the song “Not in Love” which is off of Crystal Castles (II).  For those of you who may have heard this song previously, it was also featured on the FIFA ’12 soundtrack.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy, rate, subscribe.


“Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) by Crystal Castles

Also, anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship can attest to the validity of this song

We Climb the Wired Fences – The Radio Dept.

Hello everyone, today’s track comes from The Radio Dept.  who are group from Lund, Sweden.  Technically they are classified as Dream Pop, which is very similar to Glo-Fi or Chillwave.  Electronic music with a covering of lyrics and a simple drum track make this song part one of the best on my relaxing mix.  These guys formed way back in 1995 by schoolmates Elin Almered and Johan Duncanson.  They’ve been making albums since their humble beginnings, but their first album to drop was Lesser Matters in 2003.  They received accolades for that album stating that it was one of NME’s best 50 albums of 2004.  Anyway, these guys are currently close to my heart and you should check out more of their tunes.  As always, rate, subscribe!


“We Climb the Wired Fences” by The Radio Dept.

Screen Test – The Envy Corps

I got a cool song I heard on the radio the other day for you guys.  The band, The Envy Corps, hail from our southern neighbor Iowa, and released this song “Screen Test,” off their 2009 EP “Kid Gloves.” The song’s got an upbeat electronic sound to it and had me hooked right from the start.  The Envy Corps have a lot of diversity in their songs. Some sound more quiet and acoustic, and then there are tracks like this with synths and other distorted sounds.  Have a great day and enjoy “Screen Test” by The Envy Corps!


 “Screen Test” by The Envy Corps

On Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz


Hello everyone, first off let me apologize for Ross, as he apparently forgot that he was supposed to post yesterday.  I’d like to hope he was blaming it on the SOPA blackout, but as he probably has no idea what that even means, I can’t vouch for him.  Anyway today’s track has been a favorite of mine for the past year or so.  “On Melancholy Hill” by The Gorillaz is a funky slow beaty song that runs deep in my veins.  It’s a perfect intermingling of everything that I hold dear.  That’s enough from me as the track will speak from itself. Enjoy “On Melancholy Hill” off of Plastic Beach by The Gorillaz


“On Melancholy Hill” by The Gorillaz

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