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The Times, They are a-Changin’ – Bob Dylan

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay between posts, I got really sick for about a week and have been busting my ass for the last 3 weeks just to get caught up with everything.  Anyway, I decided to go with a bit of a classic.  Bob Dylan is one of the most profound singer songwriters of all time, and he is in fact from the Minneapolis area, which I suppose will also classify this as a local music selection.  Anyway this song speaks for itself so just give it a listen and hopefully it touches you as much as it has touched many from every recent generation.  This song was released in 1964 as the title track for Bob Dylan’s Album The Times They are a-Changin’.  Written and recorded in the early 60’s, this track is a testament to how when people band together, change for the better can occur.  Civil Rights, social, political, and economic issues can all be overcome.  Hopefully we can band together in this day and age and offer up another era of change.  Also, I find it interesting that Bob Dylan’s studio apartment as a young adult is more than 6 blocks from my current residence.  I present to you, one of the most iconic tracks of the early 60’s an era of change.  Listen, rate, and subscribe.



Storm – Scott McMahon

I got a new song from my buddy Scott McMahon.  If you listened to my last post from him, “Rant,” you’ll notice the much better production quality in his newest work called “Storm.”  Mixing various electric sounds with his guitar skills makes this my favorite of his music to date.  Props to Scott for this song and for the “Ooo La La La’s” in the chorus. Give my buddy some lovin’ today by listening to “Storm.” Thanks.

Take a listen to more of Scott’s music at purevolume.com/scottmcmahon


“Storm” by Scott McMahon

Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms – Frightened Rabbit

Hey all.  We haven’t really posted too much acoustic stuff lately, but that’s about too change…sorta. It’s not exactly acoustic, but I figured it was close enough. I picked out this song, “Good Arms vs. Bad Arms,” originally listening to the live acoustic version, but I decided to post the studio version because it sounds a little clearer.  The indie rock band from Scotland, Frightened Rabbit, show their folk influence on this song and created a really soulful song.  Hope you enjoy some Frightened Rabbit.


“Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms” by Frightened Rabbit

The Farmer And The Nomad- Jayber Crow

I’m featuring local music today with “The Farmer and the Nomad” by the folk-rock duo, Jayber Crow.  Jayber Crow is made up of two musicians, Zach and Pete, utilizing their talents on the guitar and mandolin.  Through their music, they write songs about their experiences and love for the midwest.  This song and their other music is perfect for road-tripping or sitting around a bonfire.  Enjoy some Jayber Crow.


 “The Farmer and the Nomad” by Jayber Crow

For The Summer- Ray LaMontagne

I’m featuring a very chill song today with “For The Summer” by folk artist, Ray LaMontagne.  This track comes off of his album “God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise” that he released back in August. I always love to listen to this song when I’m relaxing or in the mood for summer (hopefully it’ll come soon).  Take a minute, sit back and relax to “For the Summer.”


“For the Summer” by Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs

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