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The Times, They are a-Changin’ – Bob Dylan

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay between posts, I got really sick for about a week and have been busting my ass for the last 3 weeks just to get caught up with everything.  Anyway, I decided to go with a bit of a classic.  Bob Dylan is one of the most profound singer songwriters of all time, and he is in fact from the Minneapolis area, which I suppose will also classify this as a local music selection.  Anyway this song speaks for itself so just give it a listen and hopefully it touches you as much as it has touched many from every recent generation.  This song was released in 1964 as the title track for Bob Dylan’s Album The Times They are a-Changin’.  Written and recorded in the early 60’s, this track is a testament to how when people band together, change for the better can occur.  Civil Rights, social, political, and economic issues can all be overcome.  Hopefully we can band together in this day and age and offer up another era of change.  Also, I find it interesting that Bob Dylan’s studio apartment as a young adult is more than 6 blocks from my current residence.  I present to you, one of the most iconic tracks of the early 60’s an era of change.  Listen, rate, and subscribe.



Stomp Through ft. Tigre Cole – Mally

Today I’m bringing you a brand new single, “Stomp Through,” from my favorite new Minneapolis artist, Mally. This guy loves to rep his hometown of Minneapolis and is bringing something new and different to our local hip-hop scene everyday. Mally has been doing work over the past year, coming out with music videos for his hit songs “Cloud Culture” and “Heir Time” and getting recognized in the Star Tribune’s article “First Ave’s Other Best New Bands.” The guy’s got big future plans too as he is touring with Atmosphere and other well recognized local hip-hop artists for the Welcome To Minnesota Tour.  I think that’s enough hype from me, so I’ll let you guys get to the music. Enjoy “Stomp Through!”


“Stomp Through ft. Tigre Cole” by Mally

Kids Don’t Follow – Pink Mink

Hello everyone, I have to make this short as I need to go to bed because tomorrow is the first day of classes.  But I wanted to post this song because I can’t seem to get it out of my head, and I find that it’s hard hitting and fast pace is a perfect complement for a day like tomorrow.  I recommended Pink Mink to Ross a few months back.  “Kids Don’t Follow” is also off of their self-entitled album which dropped near the end of June.  These guys played at SoundTown this year, an indie-rock music festival in Somerset, Wisconsin, which I was unfortunately in too hung-over, as it was the day after my Twenty-First birthday (thank you Eric for that awful shot of Pinnacle).  I plan on going to their next local show, which unfortunately looks like it may not be soon as they don’t have any upcoming shows listed on their website (Hopefully I’m wrong).  Anyway this song should get your school year started out right with a song that really makes me want to smash something.


“Kids Don’t Follow” by Pink Mink

Storm – Scott McMahon

I got a new song from my buddy Scott McMahon.  If you listened to my last post from him, “Rant,” you’ll notice the much better production quality in his newest work called “Storm.”  Mixing various electric sounds with his guitar skills makes this my favorite of his music to date.  Props to Scott for this song and for the “Ooo La La La’s” in the chorus. Give my buddy some lovin’ today by listening to “Storm.” Thanks.

Take a listen to more of Scott’s music at purevolume.com/scottmcmahon


“Storm” by Scott McMahon

The Renaissance – MaLLy And The Sundance Kid

I got some great local hip-hop to show you today.  I was reading about this up-and-coming rapper named Mally and his producer, The Sundance Kid, in the newspaper the other day. Let me tell you, this MC is all business when it comes to his rhymes. Mally’s goal as a musician is to bring something new and different to fans who think that Rhymesayers is the only name in hip-hop worth mentioning from the Twin Cities. I first saw Mally’s name on the Soundset setlist this summer, but didn’t think much of it. I regret not being able to catch his performance, so hopefully next year I can see him. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to his music and this single, “The Renaissance.”

Check out all of Mally’s music on his website at http://mally.bandcamp.com/


“The Renaissance” by MaLLy and The Sundance Kids

Finally Home – Night Moves

Night Moves, another band trying to make it out of Minneapolis.  Their music is similar to Solid Gold, another great band out of Minneapolis, but they still have their own sound which is why I love them.  Watch for these guys to make it big.  You can download their LP, “Colored Emotions” at http://www.afternoonrecords.com/coloredemotions.html .  These guys are actually playing this weekend at Crushfest, a hipster music festival at Cause Spirits & Soundbar in Uptown this Saturday.  Hope everyone enjoys and supports local music like I do.


“Finally Home” – Night Moves

Leave The Summer- Kristoff Krane

I know I’ve been posting a lot of hip-hop lately, but I promise I’ll feature some other genres soon…after this one.  Kristoff Krane is one of those rappers who always tries to convey a message through his music, and really puts all his passion into it. I first heard this guy with his song “Miracle,” which was a really moving song.  Krane has worked a lot with Rhymesayers rappers, most notably from Eyedea’s, R.I.P, group Face Candy. This track, “Leave The Summer” is off of Kristoff’s album “Picking Flowers Next To Roadkill” released back in 2010. Hope you enjoy Kristoff Krane.


“Leave The Summer” by Kristoff Krane

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