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Shout Out To… – Harr1s

Take a listen to this dope track by Toronto artist Harr1s (also know as H1 or P. Harris).  I love this track because of its classic hip-hop feel and I have to give producer Mister Mista props for this beat.  Harr1s also does mad work on “Shout Out To…” Toronto has a really sick underground hip-hop scene, and there are a lot of good up-and-coming rappers that should definitely be heard. I’ve already told you guys about Brandon Dramtic, but be sure to check out Double X, Jake Bluez, and more tracks by Harr1s.  Enjoy the track “Shout Out To…”


“Shout Out To…” by Harr1s


N.Y.E. – Dinosaur Bones

Hey all.  I got a sweet new band for you guys to listen to today. I went to the Ra Ra Riot show in Minneapolis the other day, and this band Dinosaur Bones from was the opening act.  The Toronto group put on quite the performance. I really liked their jam-band style when they performed.  This track, “N.Y.E.” off their album “My Divider” is my favorite that I have heard so far.  So go ahead, take a listen and tell us what you think.


“N.Y.E.” by Dinosaur Bones

Kaleidoscope – Blink-182

For you Blink-182 fans, this old news, but if you haven’t heard…Blink-182 just released a brand new album today called “Neighborhoods.”  Even though the new material is a big change from their older stuff (much more alternative), I still think they have found a good balance of Tom, Mark and Travis’ musical tastes  This song “Kaleidoscope” is one of my favorites that I’ve heard off the new album. Travis lays down a fat beat, while Mark and Tom trade off between the verses and choruses. It reminds me a lot of the sound from of Mark’s old project,+44, and I really dig it. Enjoy Blink-182’s new song “Kaleidoscope” and the rest of their album.


“Kaleidoscope” by Blink-182

Gotdamn – Add-2

Today I’m bringing you a new track from up-and-coming Chicago MC Add-2.  He released a brand new mixtape last week called “One Missed Call” and it doesn’t disappoint. Add-2 really knows how to flow on any track he’s given and this track, “Gotdamn,” is no different. The production of this beat by J-Rell is very solid too. I’m always excited when Add-2 drops new music because his stuff is always fire. Be sure to keep up to date on Add-2’s music on his bandcamp page.


“Gotdamn” by Add-2

Palomino – Mates Of State

Just heard this song on the radio yesterday and I totally dig it.  The Kansas indie band, Mates Of State, consists of husband Jason Hammel on the drums and vocals, and wife Kori Gardner killing it on the keyboards, synths, and vocals as well. Apparently these guys have been around since the late 1990s and I’ve never even heard of them (my bad).  This track “Palomino” comes off their most recent album “Mountaintops” which was just released on Tuesday.  It’s got a very energetic vibe to it, especially in the chorus. If you’re looking for a new band and music to listen to I would definitely recommend this band.  It feels good to finally hear some good new music, since I’ve been in kind of a drought lately. Enjoy “Palomino” by Mates Of State.


“Palomino” by Mates Of State

Le Disko – Shiny Toy Guns

Morning everyone, today I’m bringing a track from the Los Angeles based Indie Rock Group, Shiny Toy Guns.  These guys formed back in 2002, and since then they’ve been pumping out awesome songs.  I honestly don’t know why it took me this long to post them.  This song, “Le Disko” off their 2006 album We Are Pilots, is an hard hitting electric song that makes me want to jump around and get naughty, but just when I’m about to throw my TV across the room, the song becomes soothing.  So on this Thursday get ready to almost break some shit.


“Le Disko” by Shiny Toy Guns

Horses – Night Moves

Hey everyone, Tee-minus 3 hours until these guys rock the shit out of probably the smallest venue you’ll see.  That’s right a free show in the Whole at Coffman Memorial Union (University of Minnesota).  When I saw this show on their tour dates list, I went bananas.  I’ve made a post about Night Moves in July and how that is when I began to fall in love with them.   Their smooth synth and relaxed beats always seem to take me away to some place a bit less stressful.  This Track is off of their album “Colored Emotions” which I found for free download in July.  I hope everyone goes out to see these guys tonight, and all shows they put on in the future.  Much love to my favorite (Yes, you heard it) band to date.  Plus these guys are from right here in Minneapolis, which means everyone needs to go out tonight and buy as much merch as they can, and tell everyone they know how brilliant they are.


“Horses” by Night Moves

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